As I mentionned recently.. I think having it in the tree far outweighs
having it NOT in the tree. THe first time this was brought up
over a year ago it was said that the patches were not quite correct.
It was also said they would be corrected "soon" or something..

Sonn has come an gone... if anyone can get me -current patches to do this
I'll commit them now and they can be cleaned up later.
that'll at least get them started on the path to 4.7...


On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Andy Sparrow wrote:

> Hi,
> What's the status of the CAM/ATAPI integration? Is anyone thinking of 
> working on it?
> When last mentioned, it was mooted that some work needed to be done to 
> tidy things up. Since then, it's gone very quiet - specifically, I don't 
> seem to recall seeing any specifics about what needed to be cleaned up.
> Some time later (what it is now, 6 months?), it's not in the tree, and I 
> suspect that the happy ATAPI/CAM users are either applying patches 
> locally to keep using this useful functionality, or bemoaning the fact 
> that FreeBSD doesn't let them use cdrecord with ATAPI CD-Rs....
> Whilst I appreciate the need for coding standards and good-quality code, 
> (and indeed this is a large part of my personal reasons for choosing 
> this OS), it seems to me that this has kind of slipped through the 
> cracks.
> I've been using the CAM/ATAPI patches on -STABLE for some time now, and 
> it Just Works - I've burned quite a lot of CD-R's and CD-RW's with my 
> internal laptop drive and the latest 'cdrecord' from ports, and neither 
> this nor anything else on the machine appears to suffer unduly.
> What I'd *really* like to see is for the CAM/ATAPI stuff to go into 4.7 
> - it seems to me that people choose the OS for stability, performance 
> and, let's not forget, *features*, what you can actually /do/ with the 
> machine.
> Regards,
> AS

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