CC: -current since that's what I'm using, but keeping -stable as this
was just MFC'd. 

On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 19:13, Bryan Liesner wrote: 
> I would like to try the uvisor/ucom stuff just comitted, but don't have 
> a clue how to use it...  Can you point me in the right direction?
Has anyone managed to get ucom working with umodem?  I have a USRobotics
that works okay with umodem for dialing out, but I'd like to be able to
dial in and get a shell (and getty isn't too happy with /dev/umodem0 it
seems).  So far all my attempts to get ucom to attach to it have been

Is this even possible?  ucom(4) suggests it is, but the configuration
examples seem to be using NetBSD syntax. 


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