On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 06:14:38AM -0700, David Xu wrote:

> --- Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I did.  It's still an order of operation problem in the kernel
> > during fork(), as Bruce pointed out in a later posting (so me
> > pointing it out here is probably redundant... 8-)).
> > 
> > I still think other code is going to have the problem, too, so
> > changing su alone doesn't fix things.  Better to not deliver
> > the tty output stopped signal.
> > 
> > -- Terry
> Don't touch tty code, if you change, you'll break more code,
> current problem is just because su forks a child process and
> want to take over some job control work from shell, it is of
> course not a easy job. the problem does not exist in STABLE 
> branch because su does not fork.

What about chpass, vipw, and the other pw_edit() consumers? vipw
works correctly wrt suspending with ^Z on 4.6-RELEASE, but does not
on -CURRENT. As far as I can see, pw_edit()'s logic has not been changed.

This is a slightly different case to that of the shell suspending _itself_,
but I think it's similar enough that the solution may be the same.


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