On 13-Aug-2002 (13:59:39/GMT) Tim Robbins wrote:

> What about chpass, vipw, and the other pw_edit() consumers? vipw
> works correctly wrt suspending with ^Z on 4.6-RELEASE, but does
> not on -CURRENT.

vipw works _perfectly_ here, on a not-too-current -CURRENT, from tcsh
I can suspend (^Z), list jobs (jobs), resume (fg) and I can continue
editing, with the cursor exactly in the same place.

This is a SMP machine, dual pIII/500, I use as my desktop (important
data are on NFS -CURRENT server :P) from 3.0, so it can contain a lot
of old (unsed) file, maybe even a.out ones...

# uname -v
FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #34: Wed May  8 02:31:46 CEST 2002

What changed from my (really) old (pre gcc_3.1) current?


PS: world and ports compiled with some 'insane' options (-O2):
   CPUTYPE=        p3
   CFLAGS=         -O2 -pipe
   NOPROFILE=      true
   COMPAT3X=       yes
   COMPAT4X=       yes

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