Bruce Evans wrote:
> Er, I didn't point out anything like this, and thought that it wasn't
> a kernel problem.  It's certainly not a problem at fork() time.

[ ... ]

> I think unwanted SIGTTOU's are just a sympto.

Here's the source of my confusion; I thought that you meant they were
the proximal cause.

> > What about chpass, vipw, and the other pw_edit() consumers? vipw
> > works correctly wrt suspending with ^Z on 4.6-RELEASE, but does not
> > on -CURRENT. As far as I can see, pw_edit()'s logic has not been changed.
> Here is a trace for vi and vipw (but not the shell) from when I hit ^Z
> in the editor to when the shell is given control because vi is bogusly
> stopped again:

[ ... ]

> This ioctl blocks and the shell gains control.  Apparently vi is still
> in the background at this point, but it shouldn't be...  Or maybe which
> process is in the background depends on races, and it is normal for
> vi to block here (please check on RELENG_4 if you have it handy), and
> the problem is simply a missing or extra signal that results in vi not
> being put back in the foreground.

This does not happen in 4.1-RELEASE or 4.4-RELEASE, AFAICT.

-- Terry

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