David Xu wrote:
> > What about chpass, vipw, and the other pw_edit() consumers? vipw
> > works correctly wrt suspending with ^Z on 4.6-RELEASE, but does not
> > on -CURRENT. As far as I can see, pw_edit()'s logic has not been changed.
> >
> > This is a slightly different case to that of the shell suspending _itself_,
> > but I think it's similar enough that the solution may be the same.
> I have very current source, and don't have any problem you have encountered.
> I can not reproduced it.

Both different reports have been from Tim Robbins.  It may
be that he has a local problem, and that his local problem
is greatly confusing this discussion.

If you can not repeat his second problem on -current locally,
I would be tempted to dismiss it as being a local problem, and
not a general one.

Tim was also the person who posted the GPL'ed path that I was
worried that Andrey was using against "su"; not to disparage
anyone, but most of my personal confusion has been coming from
things Tim said...  8-).

-- Terry

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