I'd debate "silly," but you're more or less correct.

The userland is really a bit mixed. Most of /sbin and /usr/sbin is from 
FreeBSD (kind of necessary), while most of /usr/bin is from Debian.


Brooks Davis wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 12:51:49AM +0200, Mario Goebbels wrote:
>>I'm slightly offtopic with this, but what the heck is that:
>>I was slightly irritated when a pal showed me that!
> It's Debian people being silly.  Someone decided they liked the FreeBSD
> kernel and the Debian way of doing userland and combined the two.  As
> you can see from the webpage, it's not exactly popular (the site hasn't
> been updated in four months.)  It's more or less legal and doesn't hurt
> anything.
> -- Brooks

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