On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 07:11:05AM -0500, dmk wrote:
> Is anybody successfully using the port emulators/rtc with vmware2 on
> -current?
> While the port builds and installs fine, a /dev/rtc device never appears.
> ISTM that the rtc device does a make_dev as part of the device open()
> rather than at module load and that vmware doesn't work like that.
> Having no kernel (module) hacking experience, I come to the list for
> pointers. I am trying to wrap my head around rtc enough to try make_dev()
> at module load time, but maybe someone can give me a hint as to what's
> going on.
> I'm breaking the rules and running an old -CURRENT from Feb 4, 2002, so
> I'll humbly swallow suggestions that I upgrade.

I committed to changes to rtc and vmware2 in the last few days to make
it compile on recent -current.  There have been a lot of changes since
Feb!!  On my system rtc compiles and kldload and vmware works.  I don't
know if rtc actually works though.  Maybe not.  I'll take a look at your
patch in due course.

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