> > Yes, moving to gcc32 is highly desirable for -current, otherwise we
> > will be stuck at gcc311 for the entire life of FreeBSD 5.x.  The
> > important question to ask is, who will do the dirty work?
> Moving to GCC 3.2 will do us no good. The lifetime of the 3.2 release
> will be pretty short and 3.3 is supposed to replace it pretty soon. If
> we stick with 3.2 in  -CURRENT, we'll find ourself tied to an old and
> unsupported release for the whole 5.x line, i.e. we'll risk to repeat
> 2.95.x story yet again.
> David O'Brien proposes to move -CURRENT directly to the 3.3 CVS
> shanshots, bypassing the GCC 3.2 version altogether. Early FreeBSD 5.x
> release(s) will not be polished for general consumption 
> anyway, so that
> makes sense. By the time FreeBSD stabilizes, GCC 3.3 release will be
> ready.

I agree that gcc32 is not an ideal target either, but by going to it,
we can upgrade to gcc33 when it's available and not loose binary
compatibility (at least, according to the gcc folks).  I'd rather
move to gcc32 right now and get the binary compatibility pain out of
the way, rather than wait for the last second to move to gcc33,
then have to delay FreeBSD 5.0 because everything in c++ land is


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