> Cool.
> We can call it "3.3" in the release.

Terry, we will name it the same way we name our current GCC 3.1
snapshots. FreeBSD always shipped tweaked version of GCC with a bunch
of local changes merges in. In STABLE, for example, we have

gcc version 2.95.4 20020320 [FreeBSD]

> Just like RedHat jumped the gun on the compiler release.

We are not _releasing_ our own version of GCC and we do not invent
our own version numbers for it, so your attempt to compare us with
RedHat is unjustified. Again, FreeBSD 5.0 will be in no shape for
serious production use and putting GCC 3.2 there just to replace it with
newer and possibly binary incompatible 3.3 release shortly afterwards is
a complete waste of time.

> And we all know how successful that was, right?

On the other side, we all know how successfull we were trying to get GCC
2.95.x bugs fixed for us, right? Do you really want to repeat this
deeply satisfying experiment again?

Alexander Kabaev

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