On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:
> Yes.  My ASUS Dual P90 machine has the same problem.  I just thought it
> was the MP Spec compliance level of the BIOS, and gave up running
> -current.  I guess it's not just me.  8-(.

Its likely that we've got the same motherboard.

Mine is a PCI/E-P54NP4 running 133s clocked at 120.

I've also got a Tyan S1564D running a pair of 166MMX CPUs.

It doesn't seem to be related to drivers or to the compiler.

I haven't yet ruled out other parts of the toolchain.

My last good build was 1 March 2002.

Checking out a tree even as far back as mid-Feb doesn't yeild a good
kernel though.

I'm at a loss.

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