David O'Brien wrote:
> > > > And we all know how successful that was, right?
> > >
> > > On the other side, we all know how successfull we were trying to get GCC
> > > 2.95.x bugs fixed for us, right? Do you really want to repeat this
> > > deeply satisfying experiment again?
> >
> > That was because the patches were not being submitted back
> > against the unadulterated distribution code someone who had
> > signed the assignment of rights to the FSF.
> Blah Terry, TOTALLY 110% INCORRECT.  The situation was the same as our
> FreeBSD 3.x users that still post PR's against RELENG_3 and want us to
> fix things.  Even where there was complete patches against 2.94.3
> available; the issue for the GCC people was one of not willing to spend
> the effort to re-test on all platforms.  Same reason we don't upgrade
> RELENG_3 to the latest openssl (or any other lib) -- who knows what else
> would break that depended on version that is there now.

I thought that this was true for the LD, but not true for the
GCC.  I think this is a different problem here, since this
was a specific reference to GCC 2.95.

I definitely agree that this was an issue for the linker; the
2.95 was, I thought, never that much out of date, at the time
the FreeBSD specific patches were initially made.

> > The inability to get patches into 2.95 is totally unrelated
> > to the fact that it was an older GCC, and completely related
> > to the fact that the patches were not submitted in accordance
> > with the GCC maintainer's guidelines,

It *was* an older GCC?!?  Now I'm confused.  We *are* talking
about the a.out shared library support, right?

-- Terry

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