Le 2002-08-17, Nate Lawson écrivait :

> I'm working on cleaning up quirk entries in scsi_da.c, especially ones
> related to READ/WRITE 6->10 escalation.  For those just joining in, there
> is a function (cmd6workaround) that handles a R/W6 error by translating
> the cdb to 10 bytes and restarting it.

It might be worthwhile moving this to some generic part in the CAM
framework, instead of having it in the da driver. Similar promotion
is performed for some commands (MODE_{SELECT,SENSE}_6 as well as
{READ,WRITE}_6) in a rather ad hoc fashion in atapi-cam. At least
the cmd6workaround function should be factored in some way; as for the
try 6 -> fail -> retry 10 process, however, I am not sure this can
be readily generalised to ATAPI devices (which are explicitly specified
to only support the _10 variants) as these tend to have very strange
reactions to CDBs they cannot handle properly.



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