Wilko Bulte <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> ds10#make
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> "/usr/src/Makefile.inc1", line 140: warning: "make -f /dev/null -m
> /usr/src/share/mk  CPUTYPE=ev56 -V CPUTYPE" returned non-zero status

There was a time window when "make -V ..." was broken on 64-bit
archs, i.e. it would segfault after printing the result.  This has
been fixed in revision 1.69 of make/main.c.

> FreeBSD ds10.wbnet 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #7: Sat Aug 10 19:51:27

make was fixed on August 11.

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