As reported, Brian and I did see SIG4 and SIG11 during make buildworlds.

I've replaced everything, two - three times, the problem persisted.
I also tried three motherboards, but all from the same type:

Intel BD843BG with DDR 266 Ram (2100).

Just for interest, I've replaced this Mobo now with an Asus P4B533-V
board. All segfaults and illegal instructions are gone now.

So it seems to be specific to the Intel board. BIOS update did not
help. Change timing settings also not. The default settings produce
these errors. It happens rarely on STABLE, often on CURRENT.

What issue could this be with the Intel manufacured board ? Is it
a design issue, or could it still be a FreeBSD bug ?

Both Mobo's use the same i845 chipset, and use the same Ram.

Can anyone who experienced those coredumps send me a exact list
of used chipsets ?


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