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 >> $ grep PFIL /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/AMBER options

 >> You need to include "options PFIL_HOOKS" in your kernel
 >> configuration to be able to use ipfilter as a loadable module.

 CJC> But what's the point? PFIL_HOOKS only used by IPFilter. If you
 CJC> are going to be recompiling a kernel, you might just as well
 CJC> compile in "options IPFILTER" and be done with it.

PFIL hooks is a generic kernel interface and can be used
by other programs that work with network.

Another point - you can upgrade ipfilter stuff without rebooting,
it is useful in situations where minimum downtime is possible.

PFIL_HOOKS does not add much functionality to the kernel and
I always turn this on on every box.

Sergey Mokryshev.

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