> i'm trying to install current from cd (i took 3 different builds) to
> my notebook hp omnibook 6100. by booting the kernel after few lines
> is the machine crashing. i'm not abte to see the reason, everything
> goes too fast. has anybody similar situation? any ideas why? 4.6
> works fine.

Hi Tomas,

Last time I installed -current on a 6100, having ACPI enabled would 
reboot the machine. Try disabling it from the boot loader, & search the 
-STABLE archives for the "ACPI causes immediate reboot" thread.

I don't know the current status (I couldn't get an acceptable subset of 
devices for my primary machine whilst travelling, so sold it on).

At least one person with a 6100 persevered further with this, maybe 
someone else can help you with the current status or better advice?



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