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> I cant mount my floppy from time to time.....
> twoflower# mount -t msdosfs /dev/fd0 /home/jstocker/floppy/
> msdosfs: /dev/fd0: Device not configured

ENXIO is something of a `catch-all' error code in the kernel.  It
could mean that there's no such driver in the kernel (which is
apparently not the problem in your case), but it could happen for
quite many other problems, like a missing medium etc.  The Unix
fathers didn't waste too many error codes, did they? :-)

Are there any kernel error messages logged?

Ah, i see that msdosfs is complaining (not the fdc(4) driver), so this
will even extend the possible range of problems to those where the FAT
filesystem structure doesn't match msdosfs' expectations.  So it would
at least be worth giving mtools a try as well to read that floppy.

Failing all this, make sure that you can access the medium at all (my
usual test is to run "hd" on it).

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