I recently started building -current daily on my 4.6-STABLE build machine.
After buildworld and -kernel I install via nfs on my testboxes. So far I
haven't been able to provide any relevant feedback, but it's fun and I'm
learning :-)
Now, I would like to 'make release' for CURRENT, as I'm doing for RELENG_4
and RELENG_4_6, so I can automate the installation process on my testboxes
So far I have not been successful.
Can someone give me a clue about why I'm getting signal 12 (see below) ?

I have the -current sources in /usr/build/current/usr/src, local cvs tree
in /usr/build/ncvs and use the following command from the release directory:

make -DNO_WERROR release CHROOTDIR=/usr/build/chroot-current \
 BUILDNAME=CURRENT-`date "+%Y%m%d"` \
 CVSROOT=/usr/build/ncvs \

The process stops after a while with the following error:

>>> stage 4: populating /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include
cd /usr/src; MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/usr/obj  MACHINE_ARCH=i386  MACHINE=i386  CPUTYPE=i386  
GROFF_TMAC_PATH=/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/share/tmac  DESTDIR=/usr/obj/usr/src/i386  
INSTALL="sh /usr/src/tools/install.sh"  
 make -f Makefile.inc1 SHARED=symlinks par-includes
===> share/info
cd /usr/src/share/info; make buildincludes; make installincludes
===> include
cd /usr/src/include; make buildincludes; make installincludes
creating osreldate.h from newvers.sh
setvar PARAMFILE /usr/src/include/../sys/sys/param.h;  . 
/usr/src/include/../sys/conf/newvers.sh;                        echo "$COPYRIGHT" > 
osreldate.h;       echo "#ifdef _KERNEL" >> osreldate.h;                    echo 
'#error "/usr/include/osreldate.h cannot be used in the kernel, use sys/param.h"' >> 
osreldate.h;  echo "#else" >> osreldate.h;                            echo \#'undef 
__FreeBSD_version' >> osreldate.h;        echo \#'define __FreeBSD_version' $RELDATE 
>> osreldate.h;  echo "#endif" >> osreldate.h
*** Signal 12

Stop in /usr/src/include.
*** Error code 1


Ruben de Groot

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