I decided to copy my -current from the second ide disk to the first
ide disk because it's a faster disk.

So I basically just made a new partition with a new filesystem
and copied everything over to the new partition on the first disk.
I edited fstab and /boot/loader.conf to correct for the new
locations, and did a disklabel -B ad0s3 to install the new
boot sector.  (Should that be sufficient for the boot code?)

Now it all works great if I boot it from a floppy installation
disk, but if I try to boot from the new partition I get this

I use grub to load /boot/loader from the new partition as usual,
which works fine.  When I tell it to 'boot' I see the usual
boot loader message and the little spinner spin for a second
then it prints out the list of BIOS drives (which I normally
do not see) and then the loader drops into an abnormal loop,
printing out error messages that go by so fast I can't read
them.  I think there are two or maybe three lines that repeat
over and over, but I'm not positive about that.

The error messages continue for about a second, and then the
machine reboots spontaneously.

As I said, when I boot from a floppy it all works great, and
in fact I've rebuilt world and kernel twice that way without
any errors.

The new partition is in the last 8GB of an 80GB drive.  I've
installed -current > 1023 cyl before without problems, so I'm
assuming that it should work?

Any hints?

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