> This looks like the (in)famous "implicit return" problem that is in some
> Toshiba ASL files.
>                 Method(_CRS) {
>                     CRS_(0x10)
>                 }

No, this is not "implicit return" problem.  We have a workaround in
ACPI CA code in FreeBSD locally, and it is functioning properly even
now (checked on my Toshiba PORTEGE 3110CT).

Real problem is;
>    rsirq-0234 [15] RsIrqResource         : Invalid interrupt polarity/trigger in 
>resource list
> can't fetch resources for \\_SB_.PCI0.FNC0.PRT_ - AE_BAD_DATA

I guess that
    If(LEqual(\_SB_.MEM_.PAR3, 0x0)) {
        Return(Buffer(0x2) {0x79, 0x0 })
this buffer value causes AE_BAD_DATA error in RsIrqResource() ?

    Name(BUFF, Buffer(\_SB_.MEM_.PAR3) { })
    Store(\_SB_.MEM_.PRES, BUFF)
wrong value came from from _SB_.MEM_.PAR3 or _SB_.MEM_.PRES ?

I'll track this down...


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