Hi Jens,

I just updated to the latest -current and my TERM=xterm-color applications
(mutt and centericq) are broken.

Mutt shows this when I start vi as my editor or run fetchmail:

"TERMCAP", line 0, terminal 'xterm-color': enter_alt_charset_mode but no acs_chars

My centericq window ends up using pipe signs (|), minus signs (-) and
plus signs (+) to draw boxes.

This breakage is visible with the following revisions of the termcap src

        rev 1.129       of      src/share/misc/termcap.src
        rev 1.5         of      src/share/misc/reorder

Reverting to these revisions of the termcap src files makes things
behave as they did before your changes:

        rev 1.124       of      src/share/misc/termcap.src
        rev 1.4         of      src/share/misc/reorder

Any ideas?


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