I hope BSD is what I want and need and I can handle it. I got interested reading a guy say that he changed from DOS and in looking for a server who offered a Lynx
browser they had BSD as an OS choice so I went looking. The reason why I am looking is that Windows drives me crazy and I want to be able to run on any machine I choose and the less powerfull the better so I don't have to hope that better ones come out to give me more speed.

 To me Windows seems counter intuitive but then I had a devistating injury that affected everything and my vision sees text better than icons and Small text I can't change. I had a Nice situation with an ISP that had Lynx as an optional browser for text and it flew on any old PC or slow modem. Actually my 14.4K was as fast or faster than my 56K.. I also never had to use a mouse online and with muscle weakness and stamina problems I tired fast and the vagueness of using a mouse drove me buggy when I had to use it and Windows on AOL that I jumped on to get on line but I am having fits with both and a PC they fried so I have reloaded programs many more times than I want to think about.

 Here's hoping I found an answer.

Vince Fontana

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