Hello all, 

ACPI works pretty well for my machine. 

PCI routing seems to work (Don't need PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES anymore,
cool!), S1 and S3 sleep modes work (S2 provokes this kernel message:
acpi0: AcpiGetSleepTypeData failed - AE_NOT_FOUND). 

However I cannot get the powerbutton nor the lid switch to work. 

If I try to run acpidump it prints out some information and then  says
DSDT is corrupt. 

Is this because of the errors in the DSDT itself, or is it something

I have extracted the DSDT using Linux (cat /proc/acpi/dsdt >dsdt), and I
do not know how to disassemble it, so I have included the binary file in
this mail. 

(I found some link about it on intel's homepages, but the link to a
disassembler on Phoenix's homepages was dead) 

I have a Compal N30N3 computer with VIA PN133 chipset and Phoenix BIOS. 


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