On 30-Aug-2002 Paulius Bulotas wrote:
> Hello,
> upgraded to todays morning current from DP1, and btx loader complains about
> $subj, which as I see from btxldr.s means, I'm missing something ;) in
> ELF format:
>       cmpl $0x464c457f,(%ebx)         # ELF magic number?
>       je start.3                      # Yes
>       movl $e_fmt,%esi                # Display error
> And that something should be /boot/loader, but it's ELF ;)
> What should I do now? ;)

When boot2 starts to do its spin, hit a character and then type in
/boot/loader.old to boot off your old loader.  Once you've booted,
mv /boot/loader.old /boot/loader, then update to the latest sources
and you should be fine on your next rebuild.


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