# > # and midnight commander shows all with -, +, | instead of
# > # pesudo-graphics.
# > 
# > It seems this is the price we pay for alignment with what XFree86 ships.
# I see

Wait, maybe I was too fast and there is a solution. Looking at the xterm FAQ,

  My terminal doesn't show box characters

  Xterm displays the 7-bit ASCII and VT100 graphic characters (including
  box corners) using specially arranged fixed-pitch fonts. The first 32
  glyph positions (which would correspond to nonprinting control
  characters) are used to hold the VT100 graphic characters. Some fonts
  that otherwise look fine (such as courier) do not have glyphs defined
  for these positions. So they display as blanks. Use xfd to display the

  XFree86 xterm can form its own line-drawing characters (see patch 90,
  for example). It does not draw all of the graphic characters, only
  those that may be done with straight lines. But those are the most
  used, making most of the fixed-pitch fonts useful for xterm.

  You may also have a problem with the terminfo description. As
  distributed, the X11R6 terminfo for xterm does not have the acsc
  string defined, so most implementations of curses do not try to use
  the alternate character set.

  Finally, some people confuse the VT100 graphic characters with the
  VT220 support for DEC technical character set. These are distinct
  (7-bit) character sets. Xterm currently does not support this.

I found that it is really dependent on the font. I use some IBM font
from an AIX system (Rom14) by default, which has no box characters
and thus displays blanks instead. If I use e.g.

        $ xterm -fn fixed -e midc

I have all the box characters and midc looks good. Use

        $ xfd -fn whateverfont

and look at the first 32 characters.


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