I should note that I'm raising more of a flag than normal.

This would have been a firing offense at several companies I've worked
at. It's not unreasonable to take a lesson from *why* these things are
firing offenses and start to raise queries. I've done so. Duty is done.
Go back to sleep.

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002, Martin Blapp wrote:

> Hi,
> > totally wrong, and this won't break things. I'm just a bit startled that
> > this appears out of nowhere (I sure don't recall it being discussed) and
> > just happens, with 10 minutes warning.
> The 2.95.3 -> 3.1 prerelease upgrade was a big step.
> 3.1 prerelease -> 3.2 is a little step which fixes bugs, make
> kde working (gif support) again, fixes X11 and mozilla ports.
> > I don't mean to be hypercritical here, but I feel that it's fair,
> > considering people are starting to really whine about how late 5.0
> > actually *is* at this point, to begin to ask not even the *hard*
> > questions, but medium firm questions about "gee, is this trip *really*
> > necessary?"
> I think yes. Gcc 3.1 prerelease had some nasty bugs.
> Martin

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