Eric Anholt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > $ startx
> > [...]
> > xinit:  No such file or directory (errno 2):  unable to connect to X server
> > xinit:  No such process (errno 3):  Server error.

Of course those xinit errors are useless; I should have looked at

> You need to either reinstall Xwrapper port, or setuid root your XFree86
> and accept the possible security holes.

*Smacks forehead*
I know that.  I really do.  I guess I wasn't quite awake yet this

> I wish we could accept having some sort of suid Xwrapper installed with
> XFree86-4-Server, but that would probably be shot down for security
> concerns by those who don't use startx.

I only use startx because xdm is chronically broken on alpha (at
least the way I use it).

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