Another issue with 'aicasm': It breaks the following:
   * Vanilla install of 4.6-RELEASE (from CD-ROM)
   * Pull 5.0-CURRENT sources (as of 2 Sept 2002)
   * 'make buildworld'
   * 'make kernel'

The kernel compile breaks when it tries to run
aicasm, with a message about '' not
being available.

It looks like aicasm is being compiled (and dynamically
linked) against the new world (5.0-CURRENT),
but then gets run in the currently-installed world

I worked around by manually compiling aicasm
in the installed world (cd ..../aicasm && make aicasm)
and copying it into the /usr/obj tree.  Then
'make kernel' was able to succeed.

Tim Kientzle

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