> > Well, I ended up unlinking it from the build and am installing now.
> > Once I get a fresh world installed, I'll try and rebuild world again
> > to see if the problem persists.  Would you like me to get a ktrace of
> > aicasm running before I rebuild world?  -sc
> That would have been interesting.

Agreed.  I was going to grab it but after I did my install world it
came back and said it had X instructions and that was it.  :-/ Not the
same (null) unable to malloc goo that I got earlier.  I think this is
just compiler and world flakiness from early aug.  You can try supping
your world to aug-05 and doing an update to todays world and you
should (hopefully, crosses fingers) be able to repeat things (assuming
it wasn't hardware dependent).  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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