>From: "Mario Goebbels" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 11:27:52 +0200

>Hmmmm. Is mergemaster really necessary? I mean when upgrading from a fresh
>4.6 install?

Note that this is posted to the -current list, so the context *I* infer
from this is that you're referring to an upgrade from 4.6 (-STABLE) to
5.x (-CURRENT).  Thus, the answer to the stated question is  assuredly

>I usually just copied the password files and rc.conf,
>copied -CURRENTs etc files into /etc and copied the passwd files back. Seems
>to work fine, especially because I never touch the RC scripts on my running
>BSD systems.

Somehow, using mergemaster to handle all of that seems like a definite
win to me; after all, that is why is exists -- or so I thought.

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