* De: Garrett Wollman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [ Data: 2002-09-04 ]
        [ Subjecte: Re: aout support broken in gcc3 ]
> <<On Tue, 3 Sep 2002 23:32:22 +0100 (BST), Richard Tobin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > So they need a C compiler that can generate a.out format .o files, and
> > a linker that can link a.out format .o files against an a.out format
> > executable.
> Not necessarily.  There is always `objcopy', at least for static
> executables.  The version we ship doesn't support any flavor of a.out,
> but that wouldn't be too difficult to fix if it solved this particular
> problem.

Or elf2aout could be used?
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