On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Harti Brandt wrote:

HB>Ok, thanks for the answer. Just another problem: I have a couple of
HB>machines that boot diskless via DHCP and NFS. Up to now I set the hostname
HB>of each of these machines in rc.conf.local. But this doesn't work anymore.
HB>I tried to track the sourcing of the configure scripts, but rcNG is a
HB>rather complex thing. A workaround is to supply the hostname via DHCP, but
HB>that may not work for everyone and it does not help for the second
HB>problem: I have
HB>network_interfaces="dc0 dc1 dc2 dc3 lo0"
HB>ifconfig_dc0="up media 100basetx mediaopt full-duplex"
HB>ifconfig_dc1="up media 100basetx mediaopt full-duplex"
HB>ifconfig_dc2="up media 100basetx mediaopt full-duplex"
HB>ifconfig_dc3="up media 100basetx mediaopt full-duplex"
HB>in my rc.conf.local and that used to work. But now it doesn't. So what
HB>is the problem with rc.conf.local?

It seems I found the problem. It turns out that rcNG is much more
aggressive in not re-reading the rc_config_files if they were already red
in. The problem with diskless boots is, that the first time, it tries to
read the scripts (in rc itself), the rc.conf.local is not there. Later on
(in initdiskless) it is copied to /etc, but the scripts remember that they
already have sourced the config files and don't try it again.

A workaround is to rename initdiskless to initdiskless.sh and to add the

unset _rc_conf_loaded


cp -Rp /conf/${i}/etc/* /etc

around line 129. But that seems rather ugly to me.

harti brandt, http://www.fokus.gmd.de/research/cc/cats/employees/hartmut.brandt/private

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