Kenneth Culver wrote:
> > I assume the compiler is not stupid enough to try and use both when that
> > is impossible.  Don't forget this is all just passing a CPU name to gcc
> > which actually decides what instructions to use.
> That's not what I mean... What I mean is that if one application is using
> SSE, and the other wants to use 3dnow, this will incur a performance
> penalty (although I'm not sure how much or how noticable it is), so some
> people may not want to have SSE enabled.

If you set your CPUTYPE cause gcc to *generate* sse instructions, then
it will crash the binary if the kernel doesn't support it.

As far as I understood it, the 'dont mix 3dnow and SSE' thing was exactly
that.. do not mix the instructions together in the same application
stream..  Apparently the instruction decoder wasn't tuned for both in the
same data stream.

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