On 07-Sep-2002 (20:22:42/GMT) Kris Kennaway wrote:

>> My -CURRENT is pre-gcc_3.1, running very fine from early May.
>> I'm in between some big update?  Where I'm wrong?

> Have you read through UPDATING?

Yes, more and more, after every cvsup.  I added -DNO_WERROR without
luck, I also found two PR speaking about wchar_t (31864 and 40084).
There is something related to a new internal declaration I think.

One moment, mmmm... are you speaking about this?

   Due to the way CVS works, it may not properly update src/contrib/gcc
   to the 3.1 sources.  The easiest fix is to `rm -rf' src/contrib/gcc
   and then do a cvs update.

I'm about to remove contrib/gcc tree and cvsuping again...


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