On  7 Sep, Manfred Antar wrote:
> At 12:23 AM 9/7/2002 -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:
>>Peter Wemm wrote:
>>> You will need to either add:
>>> options COMPAT_AOUT
>>> to your kernel config when you next rebuild, or do a 'kldload aout'
>>> when you want to run an old a.out binary.
>>Is this going to be turned on be default in the rc scripts,
>>until such time as sysinstall is taught about asking the user
>>the same way it asks the user about compatability packages or
>>Linux emulation?

> I cant get a kernel to compile without COMPAT_AOUT:
> (pro2)201}make
> linking kernel.debug
> imgact_gzip.o: In function `do_aout_hdr':
> ../../../kern/imgact_gzip.c:280: undefined reference to `aout_sysvec'
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/src/sys/i386/compile/pro2.
> Works fine if I add options COMPAT_AOUT

I didn't have that problem when I rebuilt the kernel and world four or
five hours ago, but there's no rc.conf knob to load the aout module, so
setiathome failed to start when I rebooted the system.

This knob should probably also be connected to the code in /etc/rc that
runs "${ldconfig} -aout ...".

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