I have been having this problem with -current for the past 2 weeks now
(I am new to -current and just started using it 2 weeks ago).
I just did a cvsup and rebuilt the kernel and rebuilt the world.

My clock seems to be running too fast, and I keep resetting it
with ntpdate.

I looked at this FAQ entry for hints,
"Why is the clock on my laptop keep incorrect time?"

My default sysctl value for kern.timecounter hardware is:
 kern.timecounter.hardware: ACPI-safe

The Timecounters available on my system are:
dmesg | grep Timecounter

Timecounter "i8254"  frequency 1193182 Hz
Timecounter "TSC"  frequency 400910436 Hz
Timecounter "ACPI-safe"  frequency 3579545 Hz
Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec

I reset my timecounter:
sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware=i8254

Now the clock seems to run at a more reasonable rate.

Is there a problem with the ACPI code or with my
hardware (an ASUS P5A-B motherboard from about 3 or 4 years ago). 

How can I default to i8254 as my default timer?  Is there
something I should put in device.hints?

Craig Rodrigues        

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