World-testing some changes to libc, I had g++ bomb out with the
following assertion:

In file included from /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/g++/locale:46,
                 from /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/g++/bits/ostream.tcc:37,
                 from /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/g++/ostream:275,
                 from /usr/src/contrib/libstdc++/src/
/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/g++/bits/locale_facets.h: In instantiation of 
/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/g++/bits/locale_facets.tcc:2191:   instantiated from 
/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include/g++/bits/locale_facets.h:1057: Internal 
   compiler error in tsubst_decl, at cp/pt.c:5774
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <URL:> for instructions.
*** Error code 1

I can provide the current-relative patches if anyone feels interested
in investigating further (kan?).  Applying kan's gcc-all.patch seems
makes it better, although looking at the patch and the error message I
don't understand why it would have any effect.


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