Is it just me, or do others have troubles too? I upgraded yesterday:

        mi@celsius:~ (101) cc -v
        Using built-in specs.
        Configured with: FreeBSD/i386 system compiler
        Thread model: posix
        gcc version 3.2.1 [FreeBSD] 20020901 (prerelease)

With ``-march=pentium2 -mmmx''

        . there is a file or two in XFree86-4-Server, that cause an Internal Compiler
        Error -- fixed with ``-march=pentium2 -mno-mmx'' (same trouble existed with
        the previous version, AFAIR)

        . one file in libiconv causes ICE -- the workaround above does not work. But
        ``-march=pentium -mmmx'' works.

        . in the kdelibs3, the kdecore/kkeyserver_x11.cpp will not compile regardless
        of the architecture or optimization flags -- the ICE is in GCC's
        cp/cp-lang.c:130, due, it seems, to the initialization complexity. Can't
        think of a workaround :-\



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