On 08-Sep-2002 (13:56:34/GMT) Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

> There have been at least two gcc upgrades since then.  I believe the
> easiest way to upgrade to today's -current would be to install a
> fairly recent snapshot from http://snapshots.jp.FreeBSD.org/ instead
> of trying to debug the many ways in which a buildworld can fail.

I'm obstinate  :)  I have tryed with a middle version (1 jul 2002)
but it fails without and with make includes before build, now I'm
trying with cvsup from 15 aug 2002 (as written by Munish Chopra on
1 sep: IIRC current was in good shape between August 12-15, 17, 18,
22-24) and it is still compiling (I'm crossing fingers)...

If it complete (I hope it complete) is -CURRENT of 15 aug 2002 a
reasonable version to install and to use to jump to today ones?
Any comment?

Thanks again,

PS: It stopped on stage 4:libraries, something about crypt, now is
    running again with -DNO_WERROR -DNOCLEAN -DNOCRYPT  ;^)

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