Adam Kranzel wrote:
> I'm getting the error "Terminal must backspace." when trying to run
> Slash'EM (a Nethack-derived game).  I'm not sure what's gotten broken,
> but if I copy over the termcap and termcap.db from a 4.6-STABLE machine
> (of mid-August), it works again.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?
> My TERM environment variable is set to "xterm-color" right now, but
> changing it to "xterm" doesn't seem to make a difference.

The best thing to do would be to look at the source code for the
program, and see what is making it spit out the message, and
figure out how to correct that.

One common issue in this are is terminals whose left arrow emits
ASCII BS (^H) instead of having a seperate escape sequence (e.g.
Televideo, Wyse, Hazeltine terminals).  Another is people who
define the PC console backspace key to send ASCII DEL instead of
ASCII BS.  The last is when there is no such thing as a backspace
that is non-destructive (e.g. some terminals do not allow you to
use ASCII BS sent to the terminal to move the curosr left, without
actually erasing the character under the cursor).

Like I said: look at the code, and find out what entries make it
emit the error message that you are seeing.

-- Terry

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