Mark Santcroos wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 11:15:43AM +0200, John Angelmo wrote:
>>>>>>Battery status: unknown
>>>>>>Remaining battery time: unknown
>>>>>>Battery 0:
>>>>>>        Battery status: unknown
>>>>>>        Remaining battery time:  0:00:00
> These were all zero because you were plugged in, as you showed the values
> were showed when you were unplugged.
>>>>>>APM Capabilities:
>>>>>>        unknown
> This is explained by the fact that you run ACPI. Afaik it's either ACPI or
> APM that your laptop has. Yours has ACPI.
> The reason that you can still use the 'apm' command is that the ACPI
> driver 'emulates' the behaviour of /dev/apm, but the information is not
> actually coming from apm.
> (Can you remove device apm from your kernel to ack this?)
> What laptop do you have btw?
But with an older Celeron 800Mhz

> And how is the suspending/resuming working?

Great in Windows, not at all in FreeBSD, well the screen goes blank but 
not black, (no power off to the screen) after 15 minutes.


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