I have a system that I use for simulation purposes. I have set HZ to 10000
and everything is just fine. Except for one thing: the routine
xl_stats_update has a mean execution time of 7.6 milliseconds. For my
feeling this is far too long (compare to dc_tick, which takes only 1.5
usecs). If I comment out most of ukphy_status in ukphy_subr.c the problem
disappears. It seems, that the READ_PHY() takes very long. If the reason
for this behaviour is a hardware design bug, xl_stats_update should be
called from a kernel thread rather then from a callout.

Is there anybody with xl, mii, what-ever knowledge who knows what happens

harti brandt, http://www.fokus.gmd.de/research/cc/cats/employees/hartmut.brandt/private

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