FUJIMOTO Kou wrote:
> Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> >
> > In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Maksim Yevmenkin writes:
> >
> > >I still would like to hear from people. I'm extremely
> > >surprised that FreeBSD community seems not interested in
> > >this at all. I got very few replies from few people
> > >(Julian Elischer, Terry Lambert - thanks!) and that's it.
> >
> > Most of us probably doesn't have any bluetooth hardware...
> I have a BT PCMCIA card by IBM, a BT USB adapter by MITSUMI,

IBM PCMCIA card is not supported this time. If you can get
spec. i will write a driver for it. In the mean time can
you send card CIS dump to me?

MITSUMI USB adapter is likely to work. I think it is a CSR/Bluecore
based product (i.e. similar to 3Com USB dongle). But you will
need to give me VendorID and ProductID so i can add it to the
list of supported devices in "ubt.c". Just load "ugen" driver
plug USB dongle and note vendor and product IDs. you also can
get the same information via "usbdevs".

> a C413S BT mobile phone by Sony, and a BT adapter for Sony CLIE.
> A communication between CLIE/C413S and PC does not work properly
> with Windows OS. Mobile phone and CLIE work well, because no
> Windows needed and it's a Sony-to-Sony connection!

sorry, but i have no clue about Bluetooth phones and handhelds.
you've got to try it. i will try to do my best in helping you.

> Anyway, I am willing to be a tester and you could find more ones
> in Japan, because there're dozens of Bluetooth PCs and devices.

great! thanks a lot!


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