On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Mikhail Teterin wrote:

> Regardless of whether the xl driver is linked into the kernel or
> loaded as a module, the machine freezes shortly after ifconfig-ing
> the card. Sunday's -current. Complete freeeze -- can not go into
> debugger...
> More information available upon request...
>       -mi

        This is interesting.  I have the CardBus 3Com NIC 3CXFEM656C which
is the type II card that takes one slot but a combo with 56k modem and the
Megahertz XJack.  With Sunday's -current and the 08182002-JP SNAPSHOT, the
card works fine under xl0 driver with the Dell Inspiron 8200 Notebook when
I moved the HDD from the IBM ThinkPad 770Z.  On the 770Z however, as soon
as I do the ifconfig, it'll xl0: watchdog timer all over and it will ping
with latencies at 8000ms.  So not sure what the problem is.  Other cards
which I have tried, the Siemens/Efficient Networks SpeedStream SS1012 and
the SMC Networks SMC8036TX which seems to be identical cards physically as
it has the same design and same label printing information layout seems to
work fine on both machines.  The NetGear FA511 and the LinkSys PCM200 both
don't work at all since FreeBSD can't detect the device id or something.

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