On  9 Sep, Don Lewis wrote:
> nfs_link() contains the following code:
>         /*
>          * Push all writes to the server, so that the attribute cache
>          * doesn't get "out of sync" with the server.
>          * XXX There should be a better way!
>          */
>         VOP_FSYNC(vp, cnp->cn_cred, MNT_WAIT, cnp->cn_thread);
> The problem is that vp is not locked by the caller, but VOP_FSYNC()
> expects its argument to be locked.
> I think we can probably just lock and unlock vp around the call to
> VOP_FSYNC() ... 

There's a similar problem in nfs_rename():

         * We have to flush B_DELWRI data prior to renaming
         * the file.  If we don't, the delayed-write buffers
         * can be flushed out later after the file has gone stale
         * under NFSV3.  NFSV2 does not have this problem because
         * ( as far as I can tell ) it flushes dirty buffers more
         * often.

        VOP_FSYNC(fvp, fcnp->cn_cred, MNT_WAIT, fcnp->cn_thread);
        if (tvp)
            VOP_FSYNC(tvp, tcnp->cn_cred, MNT_WAIT, tcnp->cn_thread);

fvp is not locked by the caller.

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