On 12 Sep, Martin Blapp wrote:
> Hi,
>> If I were you I'd start swapping memory modules, because I'm not having
> Already did that. I even used ECC ram.
>> any trouble with -CURRENT and I havn't seen anyone else having trouble.
> Did you try to build a huge project ? If I don't compile anything big
> and load the machine it works perfectly.
>> Did you compile your kernel with any wierd optimizations?
> No.
> And this system works perfectly before after I turned on PG_G.
> The instability began after gcc3.2 import.

I've haven't had any trouble building and running openoffice since the
3.2 import.  I had to add the following kernel options:

options         DISABLE_PSE
options         DISABLE_PG_G

because I was seeing memory corruption after the system had been in use
for a while.  If I ran a number of "make buildworld" runs one after
another, I'd start seeing compile errors after about five or six
buildworld runs.  I never saw any kernel panics either with or without
these options, ether doing system rebuilds or building openoffice.

I last cvsup'ed and rebuilt the system about three days ago.  Since
then, the only problems I've had are a few warnings about lock order
reversals and kernel malloc calls with locks held, and some problems
that the DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS option found in the nfs client code.

Just a thought ... What type of disks are you using?  I'm running SCSI

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