On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Dan Nelson wrote:

> In the last episode (Sep 11), David O'Brien said:
> > I'd like to make this commit to get better performance on today's
> > streaming tape drives.  It seems my DLT drive doesn't stream well
> > with the default block size of '10'.
> Only if we also raise dd's and tar's default blocksizes to 64k as well :)
> How about raising BUFSIZE (no smiley)?  Tru64 and Linux both have an 8k
> stdio buffer.

Why do the other systems use such a small buffer? :-)  BSD stdio normally
uses st_blksize, which is 16K for regular files on ffs filesystems created
with the current defaults, and 8K for regular files on ffs filesystems
ceeated with old defaults.  st_blksize used to be quite variable and usually
too large (64K) for special files, but it is now not very variable and
usually too small (PAGE_SIZE) for special files.  BUFSIZ is only used in
broken cases where the kernel sets st_blksize to 0 or a naive application
uses BUFSIZ or the old setbuf() interface.


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