Ian Dowse wrote:
> And I've just remembered a fifth :-) I think the old BSD code had
> both an `open' count and a reference count. The open count is a
> count of the real users of the vnode (it is what ufs_inactive really
> wants to compare against 0), and the reference count is just for
> places that you don't want the vnode to be recycled or destroyed.
> This was probably lost when the encumbered BSD sources were rewritten.

No, this went away with the vnode locking changes; it was in the
4.4 code, for sure.  I think references are the correct thing here,
and SunOS seems to agree, since that's how they implement, too.  8-).

> At the time I was looking at it last, I remember thinking that the
> open count would allow vrele/vput to keep the reference count at 1
> during the VOP_INACTIVE() call, which is what you were proposing.
> It would also allow us to fix the problem of many places not matching
> each VOP_OPEN() with a VOP_CLOSE(). I suspect we could clean up a
> lot of related problems if the open count was brought back.

Yes.  It was murdered for good reason.

-- Terry

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