Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> Maxime Henrion wrote:
> > 
> > Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> > > Any ideas?
> > 
> > Looks like some other processes was modifying the mountlist while
> > vfs_unmountall() was running.  Is this an SMP box ?
> No, it's UP.
> > It would be nice if
> > you could check in gdb which other process was holding the mountlist_mtx
> > mutex if any.
> Sure, if you will provide me with instruction on how to do in.

You could know it by looking at the struct mtx, but after having read
the stacktrace more carefully, I think my wild guesses were incorrect.

I've seen a NULL mp pointer in the args and thought it was because of a
corrupted mountlist but it seems it can't be that.  devfs_unmount() gets
called with a valid mp pointer and gdb tells us it then calls vflush()
with a NULL mp, but devfs_unmount() just call vflush() with the same mp
without modifying it.  It looks like it's a bug in gdb and the bug is
much more likely to be in vflush() like with the stacktraces from the
bento cluster kris has been reporting.

I expect this bug to be fixed with jeff's patch.  I'm still unsure about
how things are done in vfs_unmountall() but I doubt it could be the
cause of your problems.


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